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Orthodontics - The Art and Practice of Dentofacial Enhancement
ISSN (print) 2160-2999
ISSN (online) 2160-3006

The Art and Practice of Dentofacial Enhancement

Erscheinungsweise: eingestellt
Sprache: Englisch
Fachgebiete: Kieferorthopädie

Chefredaktion: Rafi Romano, DMD, MSc
Quintessence Publishing, USA
The orthodontic landscape is quite different now than when the World Journal of Orthodontics (ISSN 1530-5678) came into existence in 2000 - from the way patients view the services that orthodontists render to the advances in technology associated with orthodontic practice. No longer a mechanistic retooling of dental occlusion, orthodontics is more of a life-enhancing exercise, with the patient's improved dentofacial appearance leading to greater opportunities in life. To reflect this new paradigm and WJO's new focus on esthetic treatment, the journal has become "Orthodontics: The Art and Practice of Dentofacial Enhancement".

This journal is now discontinued and was succeeded by the yearbook "Orthodontics" in 2012.
Ausgabe 1/2012,   Jahrgang 13   (01.06.2012)

Seite 7
Editorial: Take it up a notch
Romano, Rafi

Seite 8 - 11
Guest Editorial: Women in orthodontics-100 years to reach the top
Pacheco, Alena

Seite 12 - 21
Posttreatment stability in Class II nonextraction and maxillary premolar extraction protocols
Janson, Guilherme / Araki, Janine / Camardella, Leonardo Tavares

Seite 22 - 33
Three-dimensional quantification of the force system involved in a palatally impacted canine using a cantilever spring design
Yadav, Sumit / Chen, Jie / Upadhyay, Madhur / Roberts, Eugene / Nanda, Ravindra

Seite 34 - 45
Characterization of a posed smile and evaluation of facial attractiveness by panel perception and its correlation with hard and soft tissue
Malhotra, Smriti / Sidhu, Maninder Singh / Prabhakar, Mona / Kochhar, Anuraj Singh

Seite 46 - 51
Three-point bending test comparison of fiber-reinforced composite archwires to nickel-titanium archwires
Ballard, Richard W. / Sarkar, Nikhil K. / Irby, Merrell C. / Armbruster, Paul C. / Berzins, David W.

Seite 52 - 59
Prevalence and distribution of dental anomalies in orthodontic patients
Montasser, Mona A. / Taha, Mahasen

Seite 72 - 85
Treatment time: SureSmile vs conventional
Sachdeva, Rohit C. L. / Aranha, Sharan L. T. / Egan, Michael E. / Gross, Harold T. / Sachdeva, Nikita S. / Currier, G. Frans / Kadioglu, Onur

Seite 86 - 93
External apical root resorption in retracted incisors
Simplício, Hallissa / da Silva, José Sandro Pereira / Caldas, Sergei Godeiro Fernandes Rabelo / Santos-Pinto, Ary dos

Seite 94 - 99
The Orthodontic Plaque Index: An oral hygiene index for patients with multibracket appliances
Beberhold, Katrin / Sachse-Kulp, Anika / Schwestka-Polly, Rainer / Hornecker, Else / Ziebolz, Dirk

Seite 100 - 109
A CBCT comparison of anterior root resorption in SureSmile and conventional edgewise treatments
Patel, Neepa / Currier, G. Fräns / Kadioglu, Onur / Kierl, J. Peter / Skaggs, Valerie J.

Seite 110 - 121
Class III occlusion with missing maxillary first molars and facial asymmetry treated with intraoral vertical ramus osteotomy: 7-year follow-up
Park, Jae Hyun / Tai, Kiyoshi / Hotokezaka, Hitoshi / Yanagi, Yoshinobu / Ikeda, Kazuhisa

Seite 138 - 145
Mandibular molar uprighting using mini-implants: Different approaches for different clinical cases-Two case reports
Derton, Nicola / Perini, Alessandro / Mutinelli, Sabrina / Gracco, Antonio

Seite 166 - 167
A guide for simple mini-implant placement
Malhotra, Smriti / Nanda, Prashant / Sidhu, Maninder Singh

Seite 176 - 183
Gender equality in orthodontic literature and leadership in the United States
Dragstrem, Kristina G. / Yuan, Judy Chia-Chun / Lee, Damian J. / Sukotjo, Cortino / Galang, Maria Therese

Seite 184 - 191
Association between study design and citation counts of articles published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics and Angle Orthodontist
Allareddy, Veerasathpurush / Lee, Min Kyeong / Shah, Andrea / Elangovan, Satheesh / Lin, Chin-Yu

Seite 200 - 209
Friction and anchorage loading revisited
Dholakia, Kartik D.

Seite 216 - 225
Development of a surgical procedure for biointegration of a newly designed orthodontic onplant
Sakamoto-Ozaki, Kiyomi / Matsumoto, Yoshiro / Kanno, Zuisei / Iida, Jun-ichiro / Soma, Kunimichi

Seite 234 - 237
Internal marketing: Developing a patient-based practice
Cook, Andrea

Seite 238
Vignettes: The route from Detroit
Evans, Carla A.

Online Article, Seite 239
Online Article: Comparison of sagittal anchorage conservation of mini-implants and modified Nance palatal buttons
Jamwal, Rohit Singh / Doshi, Umal H. / Bhad, Wasundhara A.

Online Article, Seite 239 - 240
Online Article: Association between orthodontic treatment need and masticatory performance
Khosravanifard, Behnam / Ghanbari-Azarnir, Sepideh / Rakhshan, Hamid / Sajjadi, Seyed Hadi / Ehsan, Annahita M. / Rakhshan, Vahid

Online Article, Seite 240 - 241
Online Article: The effects of fixed and removable face masks on maxillary deficiencies in growing patients
Jamilian, Abdolreza / Showkatbakhsh, Rahman / Taban, Tannaz

Online Article, Seite 241
Online Article: In vivo comparison of the friction forces in new and used brackets
Ribeiro, Alexandre A. / Mattos, Cláudia T. / Ruellas, Antonio Carlos O. / Araújo, Monica T. S. / Elias, Carlos Nelson

Online Article, Seite 241
Online Article: Mini-implant loosening: 3D analysis using the finite element method
Geramy, Allahyar / Retrouvey, Jean Marc / Jelodar, Reza / Salehi, Hasan

Online Article, Seite 242
Online Article: Evaluation of the stresses generated by altering the bracket mesh base design in the bracket-cement-tooth continuum using the finite element method of stress analysis
Shyagali, Tarulatha R. / Urs, Chandralekha Basavaraj / Subramai, Shashikala / Bhayya, Deepak P.

Online Article, Seite 243
Online Article: Pain prevention and management during orthodontic treatment as perceived by patients
Ashkenazi, Malka / Berlin-Broner, Yuli / Levin, Liran

Online Article, Seite 243
Online Article: Management of a severe Class III malocclusion with extreme dentoalveolar compensations
Nehra, Karan / Sharma, Vineet / Mitra, Rajat

Online Article, Seite 243
Online Article: Combined orthodontic and surgical treatment of a severe skeletal Class III malocclusion: A case report
Nene, Salil / Gautam, Rajaganesh / Sharif, Kanaan / Gupta, Gaurav

Online Article, Seite 244
Online Article: Orthodontic management of high Angle Class II Division 1 malocclusion with traumatic bite: A case report
Chugh, Vinay Kumar / Sharma, Vijay Prakash / Tandon, Pradeep / Singh, Gyan Prakash

Online Article, Seite 245
Online Article: KD loop for increasing arch perimeter in cleft and noncleft cases
Dholakia, Kartik D. / Bhat, Shweta R.

Online Article, Seite 245
Online Article: Open coil traction system
Vibhute, Pavankumar Janardan

Online Article, Seite 246
Online Article: Asymmetric Class III dentofacial deformities-widening the horizon
Tripathi, Tulika / Srivastava, Dhirendra / Rai, Priyank / Singh, Harpreet

Online Article, Seite 246
Online Article: Are bleaching and desensitizing agents contraindication for patients seeking orthodontic treatment?
Ray, Saugat / Londhe, Sanjay / Mitra, Rajat / Chopra, Sukhbir Singh

Online Article, Seite 247
Online Article: New perspective on Herbst therapy for skeletal Class II malocclusions: A proposal for maxillary protrusion management
Filho, Leopoldino Capelozza / Siqueira, Danilo Furquim / de Castro, Renata Cristina Faria Ribeiro / An, Tien-Li / Cardoso, Mauricio de Almeida

Online Article, Seite 247
Online Article: Surgical-orthodontic management of an adult skeletal Class III malocclusion with canine substitution
Meeran, Nazeer Ahmed / Selvakumar, T. / Parveen, M. F. Jaseema