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DSD World Tour - the ultimative experience in digital dentistry
DSD World Tour - the ultimative experience in digital dentistry

20.11.2015 - 22.11.2015
Swissôtel Berlin, Berlin, Deutschland

Zielgruppe: Zahnärzte
Fachgebiete: Ästhetische Zahnheilkunde
Fortbildungspunkte: 26

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Quintessenz Verlags-GmbH
DSD World Tour - the ultimative experience in digital dentistry
by Christian Coachman

Further information about ProgramSpeakersDates you will find under the website www.dsd-worldtour.com.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a conceptual protocol for clinicians that strengthens their skill in performing extraoral and intraoral esthetic diagnosis and structural evaluation and gives them the tools and language they need to communicate more effectively with the other members of the treatment team. Furthermore, DSD allows clinicians to educate and motivate their patients, enhances their patients' visual perception, and ultimately increases case acceptance.

The Quintessence DSD World Tour will present a full demonstration of the DSD protocol on a live patient, who will be treated on a stage equipped with a clinical operatory-including a dental chair, a dental laboratory, and a patient presentation/discussion room-as well as a professional studio, to fully demonstrate the complete DSD workflow. Once the final treatment plan is designed, it will be carried out on several different platforms (such as CAD/CAM, 3D orthodontics, and 3D surgical planning systems) using DSD Connect, a software program that "bridges" the project to any other software.

Join us for this extraordinary two-day event of lectures and hands-on workshops featuring Christian Coachman, Livio Yoshinaga, Marcelo Calamita, and Florin Cofar, who will be sharing the four main goals of the DSD Concept:

1. How to become a better Smile Designer, because Smile Design is the primary principle of any modern treatment plan
2. How to implement a realistic team communication protocol, because communication is the key to genuine interdisciplinary dentistry.
3. How to interact with your patients to enhance the value of their treatment and increase case acceptance through the new concept of Emotional Dentistry.
4. How to link the beautiful Smile Design process to the actual treatment using a simple and effective Digital Workflow that will connect the 2D drawings of DSD to 3D software systems such as CAD/CAM, 3D orthodontics, and guided surgery.

All of these concepts will be demonstrated on actual patients, live on stage, showing all the steps that can transform a normal dental office into a modern, genuinely interdisciplinary Esthetic Dental Clinic. Following are just some of the details of the steps involved:

• Connecting the working model to the patient's face allows the Smile Designer to develop cases that have immediate facial harmony, dramatically reducing the amount of intraoral adjustments needed.
• A simplified dental iPhone Photo Protocol highlights specific angles for better dentofacial integration, resulting in the 3 Views of DSD.
• Video documentation vastly enhances the new Dynamic Smile Design Analysis protocol.
• The DSD Drawing Sequence allows for better understanding of the esthetic issues and better insight into the various possible interdisciplinary solutions. These drawings enhance the interdisciplinary interaction and connect the treatment plan to the 3D software systems.
• Transferral of the initial 2D design to the working model leads to the fabrication of ideal facially guided wax-ups, whether performed by conventional or digital means.
• Creation of an Online Digital Chart for each patient is the key to effective and convenient team communication, what we call the "Asynchronous Communication Process": communicating without being available in the same place or at the same time.
• Linking the 2D DSD drawings with:
--Orthodontic therapy planning, to bring simple orthodontics guided by Smile Design to the daily reality of general dentists
--White and pink esthetic therapy, integrating perio-plasty procedures with Smile Design
--CAD/CAM restorations
• Emotional Dentistry is a concept that creates an emotional connection between the patient and the treatment for better case acceptance.
• The mock-up technique forms the emotional link between patient and treatment. Fast and easy, beautiful mock-ups are created without the need to adjust intraorally.
• Emotional photo documentation and slide presentation presents the dream treatment to the patient.
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