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DSD - Emotional Dentistry on Top of the World - The DSD Concept Hands-on Course - 2 days program
DSD - Emotional Dentistry on Top of the World
"The DSD Concept Hands-on Course - 2 days program"

21.03.2014 - 22.03.2014
Crystal Hotel, St. Moritz, Schweiz

Zielgruppe: Zahnärzte
Fachgebiete: Ästhetische Zahnheilkunde
Fortbildungspunkte: 16

Quintessenz Verlags-GmbH
DSD Concept Hands-on Course by Dr. Christian Coachman

To become a real Smile Designer we need more than just dental technical skills, scientific background and good materials.

An efficient Smile Designer can visualize the esthetic issues with artistic eyes, can integrate the smile with the patient's face and character, can link all the specialties to develop the ideal plan for the patient, can test drive this plan and make all necessary esthetic adjustments, and most of all can communicate with the patient on a completely different level, educating and motivating them to manage their expectations and increasing the case acceptance.

Learning how to master some digital tools and the process of Digital Smile Design (DSD) you will improve:

- Your esthetic diagnosis
- Your communication skills- Your case documentation
- Your educational capabilities
- Your case acceptance

Become a complete clinician incorporating the DSD in your life.
Everybody will see the difference!

The goal is to design a smile that fits the patients functional, esthetic and emotional needs buy improving the team communication and creating a real interdisciplinary treatment plan. Also increasing case acceptance is paramount by utilizing visual communication, balancing the patients expectation and increasing motivation.

Modern techniques and materials can be useless if the final outcome doesn't achieve the patient esthetic desires.

The protocol proposed will improve the diagnosis, communication and predictability of esthetic rehabilitations, from simple to complex cases, combining veneers, crowns, ortho, perio, implants and orthognatic surgery.

Learning Objectives:
1. Creating and effective, complete and attractive interdisciplinary treatment plan and presenting it to the patient.
2. Understand the importance of facial analysis, the key for ideal smile design.
3. Interdisciplinary communication tools.
4. Easy and effective digital photography protocol. iPad Photo and video Protocol.
5. The role of Mock-ups and Wax-ups to improve the Smile Design process.
6. Improving the Dentist/Patient communication.
7. Digital tools to improve the Dentist/Technician communication.
8. The digital Smile Design Concept (DSD)
9. DSD on Keynote and PowerPoint.
10. The DSDiPad Application.

Program: Day 1

Morning - Lecture
The DSD Concept.
The modern issues of Esthetic Dentistry
Emotional Dentistry
Minimally invasive procedures by design
The Smile Design Process, Communication and Workflow.
Case presentation. DSD as a tool for interdisciplinary Treatment planning, integrating function and esthetics.

Afternoon - Demo and Hands-on Demo:
Digital Smile Design for better understand the esthetic issues, improving the visualization of possible solutions, integrating different specialties and communicating with the patient.
- Easy and effective video production and patient interview.
- Digital tools for Team Communication. The Slide presentation/Dropbox concept.
- Treatment Planning session.
- DSD on Keynote and PowerPoint.
- Basic Team Communication tools
- Facial analysis and digital face-bow
- Digital Ruler
- Interdental width proportion ruler
- Central incisor width/length proportion
- Tooth outline
- Integrating the occlusal, profile and 12 o'clock photo
- Digital simulation
- Transferring the info to the working model
- Transferring the info to the CAD/CAM and 3D softwares.

Program: Day 2

Morning - DSDiPad Demo and hands-on
- iPad Photo and Video documentation.
- iPad DSD sequence

Afternoon - Live Patient demo
- Photo protocol
- Video protocol
- Developing the Digital Smile Design
- Transferring the info from digital to the model.
- Performing a Guided Esthetic Diagnostic Wax-up.
- Silicone index for the mock-up
- Performing the Mock-up on the patient
- Esthetic analysis and mock-up adjustment
- Communicating Smile Design with the patient
- Final photos and creating and impacting presentation for the patient
Wissenschaftliche Leitung:
Dr. Joao Carames
Crystal Hotel, St. Moritz, Schweiz
Wissenschaftliche Leitung:
Dr. Joao Carames
Dr. Joao Carames
Quintessenz Verlags-GmbH
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12107 Berlin
Tel.: ++49 (0)30 / 76180-628, -630, -811
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