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Bolz/Wachtel/Hürzeler et al.: Minimally Invasive Treatment Concepts in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry
Bolz, W. / Wachtel, H. / Hürzeler, M. / Zuhr, O.

Minimally Invasive Treatment Concepts in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry
DVD Compendium

Video DVD
15 DVD video discs in 3 boxes (PAL)
Language: English
Subjects: Implantology, Periodontics

Title-No.: 7006
Quintessence Publishing, Germany

 398.00 € 
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The DVD Compendium is an impressive demonstration on 15 DVDs of the broad spectrum of minimally invasive therapeutic concepts in periodontics and implantology, presented by recognized specialists in the various different fields in original live video recordings. Basic principles, clinical management, treatment techniques, materials and preoperative preparations are covered exhaustively with live commentary: state-of-the-art advanced training.


Box 1

Volume 1
• O. Zuhr: Maxillary Tissue Thickening
Volume 2
• M. Hürzeler: Lateral Window Sinus Floor Elevation with Simultaneous Implant Insertion (Piezo Surgery)
Volume 3
• M. Hürzeler: Extraction, Implant Insertion with Lateral Augmentation Using Autogenous Bone and Bio-Oss (Extension Flap)
Volume 4
• M. Hürzeler: Second Stage Implant Surgery in Maxilla and Mandible with Split-Thickness Flap and Free Mucosal Graft
Volume 5
• H. Wachtel: Implant Insertion with Internal Sinus Floor Elevation - Summer Technique - Left Maxilla

Box 2

Volume 6
• H. Wachtel: Implant Insertion with Internal Sinus Floor Elevation - Summer Technique - Right Maxilla
Volume 7
• H. Wachtel: Alveolar Ridge Augmentation with Palatal Connective Tissue Graft
Volume 8
• O. Zuhr: Recession Coverage with Coronally Advanced Flap
Volume 9
• M. Hürzeler: The Repositioned Flap
Volume 10
• O. Zuhr: Procedure: Esthetic Crown Lengthening, Procedure: Papilla Augmentation

Box 3

Volume 11
• H. Wachtel: GTR with Double Split-Thickness Flap, Emdogain, and Autogeneous Bone
Volume 12
• M. Hürzeler: Procedure: Simple Implant Placement in the Posterior Mandible, Procedure: Single Implant Placement in the Posterior Mandible
Volume 13
• O. Zuhr: Single Recession Defect
Volume 14
• H. Wachtel: Soft Tissue Augmentation in the Mandible, Teeth 12 and 22
Volume 15
• H. Wachtel: The Access Flap with the Enamel Matrix Protein Emdogain

Total playing time 945 minutes, PAL standard.