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Fischer: 10 Steps to back-pain-free dentistry
Fischer, Peter

10 Steps to back-pain-free dentistry
10 simple and effective steps toward sustainable spinal fitness

1st Edition
voraussichtl. Erscheinen: 10/2018
Amary Box, Runtime: 38 minutes
Sprache: Englisch
Fachgebiete: Physiotherapie, Praxisteam, Ratgeber Gesundheit und Medizin

Best.-Nr.: 30245
ISBN 978-1-78698-022-9
KVM - der Medizinverlag
Ein Unternehmen der Quintessenz Verlagsgruppe

Titel in Vorbereitung.

 28.00 € 
Do you care for a healthy back but not for an extensive exercise program after work? The "10 Steps to back-pain-free dentistry" are 10 ergonomic guidelines and exercises that help you having it both ways. Incorporating one of the "10 Steps to back-pain-free dentistry" into your workflow each week will solve and prevent many of the prevalent posture induced back problems. Should one of the featured postures or movements however be uncomfortable, it should be continued only after the cause has been identified and eliminated with the help of your physical therapist.

This DVD contains a 38-minute video, featuring 10 guidelines for ergonomic dental work, which dental professionals may use to improve or maintain their spinal fitness:

01. Neutral spinal curvature
02. A dental stool that suits you
03. Adjustment of the dental unit
04. Minimal torque
05. Handrest and manual adjustment of your patient's head position
06. Dynamic posture, breaks und variation
07. Relaxation
08. Feedback via team members, video recordings, physical therapists, self-tests, magnification loupes, or an electronic posture trainer
09. Good equipment
10. Be good to yourself and to others

The author
Peter Fischer is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (USA) with 30 years of work experience, who has specialized in the prevention and self treatment of back problems. One focal point of his work is the spinal fitness of dental professionals. In pursuit of this goal, he has been teaching spinal fitness seminars for dental professionals since 2001. The settings of these seminars vary from individual dental practices, supply stores and manufacturers to dental colleges.