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Functional FLOSS® Bands
Functional FLOSS® Bands

Sprache: Englisch
Fachgebiete: Physiotherapie, Sportmedizin

Best.-Nr.: 30204
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  30204 Functional FLOSS® Band green, 103 cm x 2,5 cm: 12.90 € 
  30205 Functional FLOSS® Band blue, 206 cm x 5 cm: 14.90 € 
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Floss bands are made of 100% natural latex rubber and are available in lengths of approx. 1.03 to 2.06 meters, and material thicknesses ranging from 1.1 to 1.6 mm.

Floss bands used to treat the arms, legs and torso are 5 cm in width. Those used to treat the joints and hands are shorter and narrower-2.5 cm in width. In addition to good technique, material quality is of key importance for successful flossing treatment. The surface of the band must have good grip, that is, it should not be too slippery. Elasticity is another important material characteristic. Ideally, a Floss band must be flexible and cling to the skin. Without good elasticity and adaptability, it is not possible to achieve the desired therapeutic stimulation of the target structures and tissues. Due to the even distribution of stretch, Floss band tension can be precisely controlled and individually adapted to the target structures as needed. As Floss bands contain no plasticizers or other harmful substances, they can be safely applied to the skin. However, the presence of a latex allergy should be excluded before direct application to the skin. In the event of latex allergy, the Floss band should be applied over clothing.

What are the characteristics of a "good" Floss band? The surface of a "good" Floss band should be slightly sticky and should never feel slippery. If you pull on the band, it should have soft elastic resistance and uniform stretch. Regardless of which brand or manufacturer you choose, make sure that the Floss band has the described surface and elastic properties.