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Wassell/Naru/Steele et al.: Applied Occlusion
Wassell, Robert / Naru, Amar / Steele, Jimmy / Nohl, Francis

Applied Occlusion

Reihe: QuintEssentials of Dental Practice, Vol. 29
2nd edition 2014
Hardcover, with DVD-ROM, 194 Seiten, 210 Abbildungen (farbig)
Sprache: Englisch
Fachgebiete: Prothetik, Restaurative Zahnheilkunde, Zahnheilkunde allgemein

Artikelnr.: 31801
ISBN 978-1-85097-277-8
Quintessence Publishing, Vereinigtes Königreich

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 76.00 € 
This book acknowledges the importance of adopting a clinical approach to understanding occlusion, and demystifies it for dentists and students. Breaking the mould of traditional texts, the figures are brought to life with a narrated DVD. Dr Naru's stunning 3D animations bring great clarity to understanding the sometimes catastrophic effects of jaw movement. The clinical videos show comprehensively the process of investigating and managing real life occlusal problems. The second edition provides many new figures and important updates to the text.

The Quintessentials for General Dental Practitioners Series covers basic principles and key issues in all aspects of modern dental medicine. Each book can be read as a stand-alone volume or in conjunction with other books in the series.

Chapter 1 The Intercuspal Position and Dentistry
Chapter 2 Normal Function and Avoiding Damage to Restored Teeth
Chapter 3 Deflective Contacts, Interferences and Parafunction
Chapter 4 Reorganising the Occlusion
Chapter 5 Occlusion, the Periodontium and Soft Tissues
Chapter 6 Occlusion and Fixed Osseointegrated Implant Restorations
Chapter 7 Occlusion and Temporomandibular Disorders
Chapter 8 Occlusal Techniques

Contents of the DVD

Understanding Jaw Movement Animations
A. Intercuspal Position (ICP)
B. Lateral Excursion into ICP Showing Disclusion
C. Canine Guidance and Group Function
D. Tracks of Posterior Movement
E. Crowning and Anterior Guidance
F. Protrusive Interference on Crown
G. Retruded Contact Position and ICP
H. Last Tooth in the Arch Syndrome
I. Cross Arch Pivot

Clinical and Laboratory Sequences
J. TMD Examination
K. Occlusal Examination
L. Accurate Alginate Impressions
M. Centric Relation Registration
N. Facebow Record
O. Semi-adjustable and Average Value Articulator
P. Mounting Casts
Q. Occlusal Analysis
R. Trial Occlusal Adjustment
S. Clinical Occlusal Adjustment and Follow-up

The DVD is produced in 4:3 format.
The authors

Robert Wassell is a Teaching Fellow and Honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry at Newcastle University. where he established the Restorative MSc and MClinDent programmes as well as undergraduate/postgraduate occlusion teaching. He also contributes to TMD teaching and research. He has an MSc in Conservative Dentistry from the Eastman Dental Institute UK.

Amar Naru is a practitioner in private practice and involved in postgraduate occlusion teaching. His PhD Digital image analysis of the human bite mark has contributed significantly to forensic dentistry. In this book, his skills in digital illustration and computer animation combine to aid the understanding of otherwise difficult concepts within dentistry.

Jimmy Steele is Chair in Oral Health Services Research and Honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry at Newcastle University. He runs the undergraduate teaching in fixed prosthodontics and contributes to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in occlusion.

Francis Nohl is a Consultant in Restorative Dentistry. He is a Specialist Trainer in Prosthodontics and leads the dental implant team at Newcastle Dental Hospital. In addition he is Degree Programme Director for the Postgraduate Diploma in Dental Implantology. He has an MSc in Conservative Dentistry from the Eastman Dental Institute UK.