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Trowbridge/Emling: Inflammation - Fifth Edition
Trowbridge, Henry O. /Emling, Robert C.

Inflammation - Fifth Edition
A Review of the Process

5. Auflage 1997
Paperback, 248 Seiten, 96 Abbildungen
Sprache: Englisch
Fachgebiet: Oralchirurgie

Artikelnr.: 27881
ISBN 978-0-86715-310-1
Quintessence Publishing, Deutschland

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The fifth edition of this popular textbook includes a new clinical section and additional illustrations. The authors create a refreshing self-study approach using direct langua and helpful metaphors. Self tests are strategically placed f the board examinations, or as a refresher for busy practitioners who want to stay abreast of this rapidly advancing field. Clearly written, with numerous illustration and tables.


Part I

Acute Inflammatory Process

Preface vii
Introduction ix
Abbreviations xi
1 Vascular Response to Injury 3
Quick Review 3
The vascular events 6
Exudation, transudation, and edema 12
The lymphatic system 16
Postscript 17
2 Chemical Mediators of the Vascular Response 19
Histamine 28
Serotonin 29
Plasma proteases 21
The kinin system 21
The fibrinolytic system 22
Advice from some old friends 24
The complement system 25
Eicosanoids 32
Platelet activating factor 35
Nitric oxide 35
Neuropeptides 35
Other mediators 37
Pain associated with acute inflammation 38
3 The Blood Leukocytes 41
The cells involved 41
The individual leukocytes 42
The mononuclear-phagocytic system 62
4 Systemic Manifestations of Inflammation 71

Part II


5 The Immune System 77
The opponents 78
The defenders 78
Antigen-presenting cells 87
The system 83
Immunoglobulins 91
General battle plan 97
Duration of antibody response 99
6 Hypersensitivity Reactions 111
Type I - immediate-type hypersensitivity 111
Type II - Immune cytotoxic reactions 111
Type III - Immune complex hypersensitivity 115
Type IV - Delayed-type hypersensitivity 117
Immunologic tolerance 125
Immunodeficiency 125
7 Chronic Inflammatory Processes 129
General considerations 130
Causes of chronic inflammation 134
Factors contributing to chronicity 136
Maintenance of chronicity 136
Other cells involved 139
Tissue damage 140
Chemical mediators 140
Essential elements 140
Granulomatous inflammation 141
Control of inflammation 142

Part III

Repair of Host Tissues

8 Healing 149
Resolution vs repair 149
Regeneration 150
Fibrous repair 151
Cell-matrix interaction 154
Cell-cell interaction 155
The role cells play in wound healing 155
What is organization? 159
Epithelialization 160
Strength of healing wounds 161
Remodelling of wounds 161
Local and systematic factors influencing healing 165

Part IV

Application of Basic Principles

9 Clinical Connections 171
Inflammation of the tooth pulp (pulpitis) 172
Inflammatory lesions of the periapical tissues 185
Acute pyogenic osteomyelitis of the jaws 196
Chronic osteomyelitis of the jaws 197
Cellulitis 197
Periodontal disease 198
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome 203
Answers to Self-Test and Charts 211
Index 225