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Daskalogiannakis: Glossary of Orthodontic Terms
Daskalogiannakis, John

Glossary of Orthodontic Terms

1. Auflage 2000
Hardcover, 297 Seiten, 350 Abbildungen
Sprache: Englisch
Fachgebiet: Kieferorthopädie

Artikelnr.: 26401
ISBN 978-3-87652-760-4
Quintessence Publishing, Deutschland

Titel vergriffen.

Dynamics of Orthodontics is developed in cooperation with the Dentaurum Group.

The Glossary of Orthodontic Terms book/CD-ROM set is the first component to be released as part of the Dynamics of Orthodontics, an interactive multimedia learning series. A reference guide to the most up-to-date thinking and knowledge of the orthodontic community, the Glossary contains the definitions and descriptions of over 2,800 orthodontic and dental terms, 350 of which are also illustrated. The accompanying CD-ROM makes the Glossary even more convenient and easy to use. The Glossary of Orthodontic Terms has been endorsed by the World Federation of Orthodontists.
From the book review in JCC, Vol. XXXV No. 8:
The World Federation of Orthodontics, backed by Dentaurum and Quintessence, launched the project of a descriptive glossary of orthodontic terms that could be used throughout the world. I can hardly imagine a more daunting publishing task than composing a dictionary of any kind, but Dr. Daskalogiannakis has proven equal to this important challenge.
More than 2,800 terms are defined, and a multimedia CD-ROM accompanies each book. Efforts are currently under way to expand this reference into six languages, representing a major step toward international agreement on the meaning and usage of orthodontic terminology.

From the book review in the European Journal of Orthodontics:
This book will in the future be a classic tool in the orthodontic profession. The value for non-English colleagues cannot be over-estimated since the descriptions of terms are clear, precise and very informative. It will also be helpful to orthodontists and other professionals interested in the communication of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics. Included with the book is a CD-ROM version, which contains the full text and with hybrid compatibility (both Mac and Windows).
The book is highly recommended.

From the book review in the British Dental Journal 2002:
When I first heard of this book, I wondered if it was only going to be suitable for orthodontic obsessives who gain pleasure from ploughing through pages and pages of definitions. However when I sat down and read it, I found it fascinating and incredibly useful. This has led me to the conclusion that I have either become an orthodontic obsessive or the book is truly very useful. I would like to suggest that the latter viewpoint is correct.
I can highly recommend this excellent book to all those who have an interest in orthodontics. It is particularly relevant to those on specialty training programmes, not just orthodontic geeks.