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Wismeijer/Barter/Donos: Digital Workflows in Implant Dentistry
Wismeijer, Daniel / Barter, Stephen / Donos, Nikolaos (Hrsg.)
Gallucci, German O. / Evans, Christopher / Tahmaseb, Ali

Digital Workflows in Implant Dentistry

Reihe: ITI Treatment Guide Series, Volume 11
1st Edition 2019
Hardcover, 21 x 28 cm, 316 Seiten, 855 Abbildungen
Sprache: Englisch
Fachgebiet: Implantologie

Artikelnr.: 21231
ISBN 978-3-86867-385-2
Quintessence Publishing, Deutschland

 86.00 € 
The field of implant dentistry continues to grow both in terms of the number of practitioners placing and restoring implants and in terms of as well as patient demand for successful outcomes in as short a time as possible. The pace of technological changes and new offerings from implant manufacturers and allied industries are equally fast in their attempts to meet these demands, with a frequently bewildering array of potential solutions available to clinicians. This is never more so than in the field of digital dentistry, with hardware and software solutions for diagnosis, imaging, planning, surgery, impression-taking, and the computer-aided design and manufacture of intraoral prostheses. However, we must always remember our responsibility to ensure that our treatments are carried out safely and in the best interests of our patients. This new Volume 11 of the ITI Treatment Guide series continues the successful theme of the previous ten volumes: a compendium of evidence-based methodology in digital techniques and procedures for daily practice. Written by renowned clinicians and supported by contributions from expert practitioners, the ITI Treatment Guide Digital Workflows in Implant Dentistry provides a comprehensive overview of various technological options and their safe clinical application.

Chapter 01. Introduction
Chapter 02. Surface Scans
Chapter 03. Facial Scanning
Chapter 04. Software Packages
Chapter 05. Merging Digital Datasets
Chapter 06. Digital Workflows in Implant Prosthodontics
Chapter 07. Computer-Guided Surgery
Chapter 08. CAD/CAM Technology and Custom Bone Grafts
Chapter 09. Digital Articulators
Chapter 10. Fabrication Techniques and Materials
Chapter 11. Complications and Technical Challenges
Chapter 12. Future Developments and Challenges
Chapter 13. Clinical Case Presentations: Implant-Supported Restorations Using Guided Surgery and CAD/CAM in a Digital Workflow
Chapter 14. Technical and Clinical Recommendations
Chapter 15. References