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Sattler: Illustrated Atlas of Esthetic Mesotherapy
Sattler, Gerhard (Hrsg.)
Knoll, Britta

Illustrated Atlas of Esthetic Mesotherapy
Active substances | Dosage | Administration

Reihe: Aesthetic Methods for Skin Rejuvenation
1st edition 2012
Hardcover, 138 Seiten, 165 Abbildungen (farbig)
Sprache: Englisch
Fachgebiete: Dermatologie, HNO-Heilkunde, Plastische Chirurgie

Artikelnr.: 19161
ISBN 978-1-85097-232-7
KVM - der Medizinverlag
Ein Unternehmen der Quintessenz Verlagsgruppe

 149.00 € 
Mesotherapy is a simple and effective treatment method. It involves the targeted administration of active medicinal substances into the skin and connective tissue in the form of microinjections. The method was developed more than 50 years ago by Michel Pistor in France, where it is regarded as an established procedure.

The Illustrated Atlas of Esthetic Mesotherapy provides a step-by-step introduction to the practice of mesotherapy, with the help of 165 colour illustrations. Topics including skin rejuvenation (Mesolift), treatment of hair loss (Mesohair) and the treatment of local fat pads and cellulite are demonstrated in detail. The basics section of the book describes the active substances, legal issues, materials and techniques, while the practical section goes into regional methods, preand post-treatments and combined therapy options. Photographic case histories confirm the authentic benefits and efficacy of mesotherapy.

01. Definition of mesotherapy
02. Active substances
03. Documentation and organization
04. Side effects
05. Materials and techniques
06. The consultation
07. The treatment
08. Regional treatments
09. Case histories
10. Practical aids for the practitioner

Dr. med. Britta Knoll, President of the German Society of Mesotherapy and former student of Michel Pistor, the founder of mesotherapy

Dr. med. Gerhard Sattler, president of the GÄCD, the Association for Esthetic Surgery in Germany and Executive Director of the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery. International lecturer and Director of the Rosenpark Clinic, Darmstadt, Germany

Key points
Outstanding illustrations: Extensive photo documentation sequences visually communicate the systematic aspects of mesotherapy.

Unique didactic presentation: Photographic series and treatment regimens provide a step-by-step guide to the practical aspects of the treatment.

Tips from the experts: Working aids and information materials (some in the form of templates for copying) that can be used not only for documentation, but also for patient information and consent purposes.