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Gottlander/van Steenberghe: Proceedings of the First P-I Brånemark Scientific Symposium, Gothenburg 2009
Gottlander, Robert / van Steenberghe, Daniel (Ed.)

Proceedings of the First P-I Brånemark Scientific Symposium, Gothenburg 2009
Osseointegration and related treatment modalities: Future perspectives, quality of life, and treatment simplification

1st edition 2010
Hardcover, 408 pages, 551 images (colored)
Language: English
Subject: Implantology

Title-No.: 18671
ISBN 978-1-85097-207-5
Quintessence Publishing, USA

Title out of print.

P-I Brånemark's accidental discovery of osseointegration in 1952 changed the field of dentistry forever, creating a world of possibilities for dental reconstruction. The First Brånemark Symposium honored the lifetime work of Brånemark, promoting multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary cooperation. This richly illustrated book of proceedings from the symposium features a vast array of knowledge related to osseointegration, such as mechanobiology, nanostructured surfaces, orofacial reconstructions, and orthopedic applications; it also features information regarding associated diagnostic and treatment modalities, such as full-ceramic crowns, CAD/CAM techniques, and guided surgery through the use of cone beam computed tomography, not to mention the quality-of-life considerations and treatment simplifications included. The present book of proceedings offers cutting-edge information from world-renowned experts, making it the perfect choice for the student, researcher, or clinician who wants to better understand the concept of osseointegration, its many applications, and its influence in today's world.


Session: Bone Physiology and Implant Biomechanics (Moderator: G. Watzek)

• Gene Expression of Inflammation and Bone Healing in Peri-Implant Crevicular Fluid After Placement and Loading of Oral Implants: A Kinetic Clinical Pilot Study Using Quantitative Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction-C. Slotte, M. Lennerås, C. Göthberg, F. Suska, N. Zoric, P. Thomsen, U. Nannmark,

• Implant Geometry, Interfacial Strain, and Mechanobiology of Oral Implants Revisited-J. Brunski, J. Currey, J. Helms

• Bone, Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2, and Implant Dentistry: A Focused Review-P. Leucht, A. Nanci, R. Wazen, U. Wikesjö, J. Lee, C. Susin

Session: Improved Surfaces and Growth Factors (Moderator: S. Kasugai)

• Osteoblasts Modulate Peri-implant Tissues via Paracrine Factor Production in Response to the Titanium Surface Microstructure: An Overview of Recent Findings-B. Boyan, A. Raines, R. Olivares-Navarrete, Z. Schwartz

• Recombinant Human Platelet-Derived Growth Factor BB-(rhPDGF-BB) Homodimer: New Clinical Perspectives in Craniofacial and Orthopedic Surgery-R. Tourek, J. Hollinger

•Nanostructured and Biofunctionalized Surfaces: History, Trends, Fabrication, and Analysis-B. Kasemo

• The Use of a Chitosan/BMP-2 Complex in Bone Substitutes and Implant Surfaces-R. Martínez-Corria, A. Abarrategi, J. Sanz-Casado, J. Navarro, V. Méndez-Blanco, R. Lorenzo-Vignau, P. Miranda, F. Mulero, C. Moreno-Vicente, A. Civantos, V. Ramos, J. López-Lacomba

Session: Bone Augmentation/Regeneration and Maxillofacial Reconstruction (Moderator: A. Piattelli)

• Minimization of Bone Grafting in the Orofacial Region-K. Higuchi

• Bone Augmentation to Allow Endosseous Implant Placement in Extremely Atrophied Maxillae: Perspectives Offered by Long-Term Prospective Clinical Studies-S. Lundgren, E. Nyström, H. Nilson, G. Pedretti, L. Sennerby

• Dealing with the Atrophied Mandible: A Proposal for a Treatment Approach Involving Endosseous Implants-G. Raghoebar, H. Meijer, K. Stellingsma, A. Vissink

• Vertical Bone Augmentation by Subperiosteal Membranes: A Valuable Alternative to Bone Grafts-L. Molly

• Rehabilitation of the Edentulous Maxilla with the Zygoma Concept: A 7-year Prospective Study-E. Bedrossian

Session: Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids, Maxillofacial and Extraoral Skeletal Reconstructions, and Anaplastology (Moderator: R. Adell)

• The Linear Incision Technique for Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid Implant Placement: Procedure and Clinical Results-M. de Wolf, J. Dun, E. Mylanus, M. Hol, C. Cremers

• Bone-Anchored Maxillofacial Prostheses: An Alternative to Major Surgery-M. Ferraz de Oliveira

• Major Maxillofacial Rehabilitation by Means of Implants and Bone Grafts-R. Lutz, E. Nkenke, F. Neukam,

• Osseointegrated Implants in Hand Surgery-G. Lundborg, A. Björkman

Session: Imaging, Guided Surgery, and Orthodontics (Moderator: B. Touati)

• Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Computer-Guided Oral Implant Surgery in a Series of Patients Treated with the NobelGuide System-A. Dawood, S. Tanner

• Transfer of Software Planning to the Surgical Field in the Craniofacial Area: Assets and Liabilities-G. Widmann

• A Critical Review of Cone Beam Computed Tomography: Optimization Strategies for Preoperative Planning of Oral Implant Placement-R. Jacobs

• The Use of Computer Planning to Create (or Re-create) Bone in Orthodontic Treatment Associated with Osseointegrated Implants: An Illustrated Survey

B. Melsent

Bone Loss Around Implants: A Result of "Peri-implantitis"?-T. Jemt

Session: CAD/CAM-Based Prosthetics and New Materials (Moderator: M. Groisman)

• CAD/CAM All-Ceramic Dental Restorations on Implants: A Panacea or a Challenge?-Y. Tamaki, Y. Hotta, J. Kunii, S. Kuriyama, C. Goldammer, T. Miyazaki

• Optical Noncontact Analysis in CAD/CAM Technology: Advancements in Dental Research-S. Holst, H. Geiselhöringer, E. Nkenke, M. Wichmann, M. Karl

• A Pilot Fractographic Study of Clinically Failed Ceramic Dental Restorations-Y. Liu, G. Liu, D. Grüner, H. Feng, Z. Shen

Session: Clinical Methodologies (Moderator: P. Moy)

• Clinical Research: The Research Question Determines the Study Design. From the Case Report to the Randomized Controlled Trial-M. Esposito, A.-M. Glenny

Session: Soft Tissue/Implant Interface and Peri-Implantitis (Moderator: M. Simion)

• Development of the Skin-Implant Seal Around Intraosseous Transcutaneous Amputation Prostheses-G. Blunn, N. Kang, S. Cannon, C. Pendegrass

• Emerging Antibacterial Biomaterial Strategies for the Prevention of Peri-Implant Inflammatory Diseases-J. Bumgardner, P. Adatrow, W. Haggard, P. Norowski

Economy, Simplification, and Quality of Life (Moderator: P. Henry)

• The Cost-Effectiveness of Endosseous Oral Implant Therapy for Treating Mandibular Edentulism-L. Cooper, B. Limmer, D. Felton

• Satisfaction and Quality-of-Life Assessment of Patients Undergoing Mandibular Reconstruction with Oral Implants After Tumor Resection-B. Chen, Y. Lin, C. Mao, X. Peng, J. Li

• Quality of Life and Implant-Based Dental Treatment-B. Söderfeldt

• A Testimony of the Indian Situation Through Field Studies-R. Chowdhary

• The Clinical Economics of Osseointegration in India-P. Awasthi, A. Kohli

• Specificities of Oral Implant-Based Prosthetic Restorations of Fully Edentulous Patients in China: A Retrospective Study-Y. Lin, X. Hu, J. Li, L. Qiu, P. Di