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de Vries/de Vries: How the Tooth Mouse Met the Tooth Fairy
de Vries, Lizzette / de Vries, Cecile

How the Tooth Mouse Met the Tooth Fairy

1st Edition 2010
Hardcover; fully illustrated, 32 Seiten, 32 Abbildungen
Sprache: Englisch
Fachgebiete: Kinderbuch, Patientenaufklärung

Artikelnr.: 18571
ISBN 978-0-86715-507-5
Quintessence Publishing, USA

 19.95 € 
Bobby is about to lose his first baby tooth, and he can hardly wait to leave it for Max, the Tooth Mouse. But before the wobbly tooth actually falls out, Bobby's parents announce that the family is moving from South Africa to Canada! Will Max be able to find Bobby's tooth all the way in Canada? Learn what happens when Max goes to Canada and comes face to face with Fia, the Tooth Fairy. This charming and delightfully illustrated book entertains as it teaches children the importance of brushing at least twice a day.
"This story is bound to keep young children entertained and would make a delightful addition to your waiting room literature."
Tracy Shell; Australian Orthodontic Journal (May 2011)