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Schwartz-Arad: Ridge Preservation and Immediate Implantation
Schwartz-Arad, Devorah

Ridge Preservation and Immediate Implantation

1st Edition 2012
Hardcover, 308 Seiten, 1.665 Abbildungen (farbig)
Sprache: Englisch
Fachgebiete: Implantologie, Zahnheilkunde allgemein

Artikelnr.: 18421
ISBN 978-1-85097-216-7
Quintessence Publishing, Vereinigtes Königreich

 178.00 € 
This impressive evidence-based textbook covers all aspects of immediate implant placement and immediate loading with the aim of helping practitioners attain an advanced level of clinical practice in implant dentistry. Chapters present the fundamentals of implant placement, socket preservation, augmentation, peri-implant soft tissue management, and immediate loading protocols, which constitute the basis for predictable, functional, and esthetic outcomes.

This book provides additional insight into many topics of growing interest, including preoperative orthodontic therapy, dental trauma and dental implants, stress and anxiety in immediate implant placement, smoking and immediate loading, and management of complications. A final chapter on complex and unusual cases showcases the author's surgical skills and underscores her mastery of all the presented concepts. It is a book to be read and reread by the serious practitioner of implant dentistry.


Section I
1. Dental implants or traditional treatments: A contemporary dilemma-G. Pecora, V. Perrotti, G. Iezzi, A. E. Pontes, and A. Piattelli
2. Teeth in one day-G. Mailàth-Pokorny, R. Fürhauser, R. Haas, and G. Watzek
3. The importance of histological analysis in the evaluation of immediate implants-A. B. Novaes Jr, R. R. M. de Barros, and R. R. de Oliveira

Section II
4. Immediate implant placement: Surgical technique-Steps and procedures
5. Flapless surgery and immediate dental implantation: A procedure without incisions
6. Immediate implant placement: The gap, socket preservation, and soft tissue augmentation-M. Goldstein and W. Becker

Section III
7. Esthetic predictability and peri-implant soft tissue management-A. P. Saadoun
8. Tissue management and prosthetic considerations with immediate implantation in the anterior maxilla-N. Bichacho, E. van Dooren, M. Fradeani, and G. Talmor
9. Preoperative orthodontic treatment modalities for soft and hard tissue modification prior to implantation-R. Romano

Section IV
10. Immediate implantation and loading in the esthetic zone
11. Immediate implantation in molars
12. Immediate implantation for full-arch rehabilitation
13. Dental trauma and dental implants: The meeting point

Section V
14. Psychological and quality of life aspects of immediate implantation-R. Fürhauser, G. Mailàth-Pokorny, R. Haas, and G. Watzek
15. Stress and anxiety in immediate implant insertion: The effect on cognition, pain, and wound healing-I. Eli

Section VI
16. Smoking and immediate implantation
17. Complications in immediate implantations
18. Complex and unusual cases
F. O'Mahony
British Dental Journal August 2012

"This textbook covers all aspects of immediate implant placement, immediate loading, and temporization. This book takes you from the very basics to the most complex cases, including informative chapters on treatment planning, case selection, aesthetics, occlusion and the psychological aspects for the patient, to name but a few. There is something in this book for everyone and thus I would wholeheartedly recommend Ridge Presentation and Immediate Implantation to any practitioner of implant dentistry."

Benjamin P. Graham, DMD, PhD
The New York State Dental Journal November 2012

"Ridge Preservation & Immediate Implantation is a well-orchestrated presentation from an all-star group of coauthors. Each chapter is well documented, and though some chapters are independently written, they are logically placed, well coordinated, and related to the overall theme of the text. The book covers aspects of immediate implant placement following extraction, loading and temporization, with emphasis on the placement and handling of the soft and hard tissue for maximum esthetic results."