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Davarpanah/Szmukler-Moncler: Immediate Loading of Dental Implants
Davarpanah, Mithridade / Szmukler-Moncler, Serge

Immediate Loading of Dental Implants
Theory and Clinical Practice

1st Edition 2008
Hardcover, 368 Seiten, 750 Abbildungen
Sprache: Englisch
Fachgebiete: Implantologie, Oralchirurgie, Parodontologie, Prothetik

Artikelnr.: 17091
ISBN 978-2-912550-50-7
Quintessence Publishing, Frankreich

 210.00 € 
This clinical manual details the surgical and prosthetic protocols for clinicians who wish to utilize immediate implant loading in qualified patients. It details the fundamental principles, from patient selection to surgical procedures to the final adjustment of the definitive restoration. In addition, the chapters describe solutions to various challenges, such as when to use screw-retained or cement-retained provisional prostheses, how to prepare the prosthesis chairside, and when to have the prosthesis prepared in the laboratory. Including ample clinical photographs and decision-making flow charts, this comprehensive volume offers readers concrete guidelines for a proven technique that simplifies implant procedures and provides clear benefits to patients.

Chapter 01. Benefits and Principles of Immediate Loading
Chapter 02. Concepts of Immediate Loading
Chapter 03. Differences Between Traditional Treatment and Immediate Loading Protocols
Chapter 04. Strategies for Optimizing Osseointegration
Chapter 05. Three-Dimensional Placement of Implants
Chapter 06. Management of Esthetics
Chapter 07. Selection of Screw-Retained or Cemented Provisional Prostheses
Chapter 08. Failure of Immediately Loaded Implants
Chapter 09. Key Concepts of Treatment Planning
Chapter 10. Treatment of the Edentulous Mandible
Chapter 11. Treatment of the Edentulous Anterior Maxilla
Chapter 12. Treatment of the Edentulous Maxilla
Chapter 13. Treatment of the Edentulous Anterior Mandible
Chapter 14. Treatment of the Edentulous Posterior Mandible and Maxilla
Chapter 15. NanoTite: A New Type of Bioactive Surface