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Newman: Antibiotic and Antimicrobial Use in Dental Practice
Newman, Michael G.

Antibiotic and Antimicrobial Use in Dental Practice

2. Auflage 2001
Hardcover, 304 Seiten
Sprache: Englisch
Fachgebiet: Humanmedizin

Best.-Nr.: 11251
ISBN 978-0-86715-397-2
Quintessence Publishing, Deutschland

Titel vergriffen.

The book that is considered an indispensable reference guide by clinicians, dental students, and dental hygiene students is now even easier to use. Critical information is more readily accessible and many of the chapters have been completely rewritten to reflect current standards and practices. Two new chapters-one on treating oral malodor and the other on treating patients with common systemic diseases-have been added.

The Quick Cross-Reference Guide lets you instantly access the information you need.


Quick Cross-Reference Guide

Section 1 General Principles
1. Principles of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy in Dental and Orofacial Infections/Arie J. van Winkelhoff, Christina M. J. E. Vandenbroucke-Grauls
2. Microbiological Sampling and Sensitivity Testing/Arie J. van Winkelhoff, Christina M. J. E. Vandenbroucke-Grauls

Section 2 Drugs of Choice
3. Individual Drugs/Mariano Sanz, David Herrera
4. Topical Antimicrobial Agents: General Principles and Individual Drugs/Andrea Mombelli, Maurizio S. Tonetti
5. Topical and Systemic Antifungal and Antiviral Agents/Jacob Fleischmann

Section 3 Adverse Reactions
6. Allergic and Other Sensitivity Reactions/Larry J. Peterson
7. Adverse Microbiological Effects/Mariano Sanz, David Herrera

Section 4 Clinical Application
8. Antibiotics in Periodontal Therapy/Sebastian G. Ciancio, Arie J. van Winkelhoff
9. Oral Malodor/Sushma Nachnani
10. Antibiotics in Endodontic Therapy/J. Craig Baumgartner
11. Antibiotics for Oral and Maxillofacial Infections/Larry J. Peterson
12. Pediatric Considerations/Robert Lindemann, Douglas Harrington
13. Chemotherapeutic Agents in Restorative Dentistry/Perry R. Klokkevold
14. Antimicrobials in Implant Dentistry/Thomas Beikler, Thomas F. Flemmig

Section 5 Special Considerations
15. Prophylactic Antibiotic Use/Joan Otomo-Corgel, Stephen T. Sonis
16. Antimicrobial Therapy for Immunocompromised Patients/Joan Otomo-Corgel
17. Considerations for Female Patients/Joan Otomo-Corgel
18. Patients with Common Systemic Diseases/Mark J. Redd, Stefan A. Hienz
19. Legal Considerations/Edwin J. Zinman