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Moss: Growing Up Cavity Free
Moss, Stephen J.

Growing Up Cavity Free
A Parent's Guide to Prevention

1. Auflage 1993
Paperback, 160 Seiten, 54 Abbildungen
Sprache: Englisch
Fachgebiet: Patientenaufklärung

Artikelnr.: 10211
ISBN 978-0-86715-256-2
Quintessence Publishing, Deutschland

Titel vergriffen.

Seeking to overturn the myth that dental disease is inevitable, this book offers expert advice on raising children with healthy teeth. With focus on prevention, the book addresses a host of issues relating to children of different ages from infant teething to orthodontic for adolescents.


Introduction 1
1 Your Child's Teeth Before Birth and During Infancy 5
The Developing Tooth 5
What to Do Before the Baby Comes: Eat Right 6
The New Baby's Mouth at Birth 8
What You Can Do Before Teeth Come in 10
Pacifiers and Sucking Habits 12
How Nursing Affects Your Baby's Teeth and Jaws 14
Cleaning Routine for infants 18
The Good Effects of Early Chewing Habits 20
Mouth Infections 21
Tongue Tie 22
Children With Special Needs 22
2. Your Child's Teeth From Babyhood Through Adolescence 25
When Do the First Teeth Appear? 25
Teething 30
Those Important Primary Teeth 32
Cleaning the First Teeth 38
Sealants: Long-Lasting Dental "Insurance" 41
Tooth Position and Bad Habits 42
Speech and Teeth 48
Cleaning Techniques as Your Child Grows Older 49
Green, Black, Orange Stains 52
The Most Important Teeth: The 6-Year Molars 55
What to Do About a Loose Primary Tooth: Just Pull It Out! 55
Injuries and Traumas 56
Protecting Your Child's Teeth at School and at Play 62
Teeth and Teenagers 63
Report Card - 3 Years 67
Report Card - 6 Years 68
Report Card - 9 Years 69
Report Card - 12 Years 70
3. The Amazing Tooth 71
How a Tooth Begins 71
The Parts of a Tooth 72
What a Tooth is Made of 72
The Environment of the Teeth 76
4. A Complete Guide to Clean Teeth 81
Tipping the Scale Toward No Decay 81
What is Plaque 82
Plaque Control 85
How to Protect the Tooth's Surface From Decay 94
5. The Flouride Story 97
Questions Commonly Asked About Fluoride 97
Filling Your Child's Fluoride Reservoir 103
A Multiple Approach 107
6. Diet and Dental Health 109
You Are What You Eat, But... 109
Food and Tooth Decay 110
Leisurely Dining, Bacteria Style 110
The bottom Line: Diet Is Only Part of the Puzzle 112
7. A Visit to the Dentist 115
Evaluating a Dentist 117
How to Help Your Child Have a Pleasant Experience at the Dentist's Office 118
Getting Ready for a Visit 119
Should You Accompany Your Child Into the Treatment Room? 121
How Often Should You Visit the Dentist? 124
X-Ray Examinations 124
Anesthesia 125
8. All About Orthodontics 127
When is Orthodontics Needed? 127
Occlusion 128
Malocclusion 129
Preventive Orthodontics 129
How Orthodontics Works 132
How Long Will it Take? 134
How Much Will it Cost? 134
How Much Will it Hurt? 135
Removable of Fixed Appliances? 135
Oral Hygiene During Orthodontics 136
9. Preventing Dental Problems: Past, Present, Future 137
Backgrounds of the Preventive Dentistry Movement 137
The Numbers Game 139
Dentistry of the Future 140
Conclusion 142